Hot on the heels of the CC/SEAS/GS results, Barnard’s numbers came in just a few moments ago. Here’s how they look:

Total # Votes: 1,189

Yes: 453 (38.1%)

No: 736 (61.9%)

According to SGA President Sarah Besnoff: “The results of this vote indicate that this is an issue that will be discussed in the University Senate.  Our University Senator will use these results when discussing student sentiment on the topic.  Because of the clear majority for “no” votes, should our University Senator be asked to vote on the issue, she will vote “no” in accordance with these results.” 

Keep in mind that Barnard’s tally isn’t subject to the same objections as that of the other three schools, as students used their UNIs to vote via their eBear accounts (Barnard’s SSOL).