Though the preferred protest at Columbia now involves food and camping, we always like a good ol’ building takeover. Students at the New School have obliged us, taking over one of the buildings Tuesday morning, and vowing to stay put until their demands are met, which include the resignation of their president, former Nebraska senator and presidential candidate Bob Kerrey.

The trouble started when Kerrey, who has been president since 2001, fired his fourth provost in seven years. A week ago, university professors voted almost unanimously for “no confidence” in Kerrey, and both professors and students have been calling for his resignation since. Kerrey has been meeting with faculty since then, and, in a gesture we assume must have been dreamed up to show he’s “with the times,” decided to start a blog to face his critics.

It’s unclear if a solution will be reached any time soon, but if it’s resolved in favor of the occupants, maybe this is how Columbia students can defeat the War on Fun. Councils, take note.