Final results for the NROTC vote were just announced for three of the four undergraduate schools (CC, SEAS, and GS), with an extremely close result. From CCSC president George Krebs’s weekly email:

“The NROTC poll was closed at 9 am Monday morning and here’s the tally:

We sent out 6913 email invitations, including all CC, SEAS, and GS

undergraduate students. We received 2971 valid votes, representing 43% of the population.

1463 YES, 49.24%;

1502 NO, 50.56%;

6 ABSTAIN, 0.20%.

There were concerns about students being able to vote multiple times.  The Student Development and Activities office, which compiled the results, have assured us that one UNI was given one vote. Multiple votes were not counted. If a student attempted to vote multiple times,  only the last vote they cast was counted.”

Results for Barnard students, who used a different poll that closed later in the day, expect numbers to start pourng in around noon today.