Duane Reade Unveils New Look, May Not Have Much Time to Use It

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Via City Room, Bwog learns that Duane Reade has rolled out a new logo at newly renovated stores, replacing the longtime interlocking blue and red DR with a black-and-white, non-interlocking version. City Room commenters pointed out that the logo seems to draw its “inspiration” from Radio Shack.

But the store, which has been in and out of legal trouble over the past few years, may also soon become another casualty of the recession. According to the Wall Street Journal, Duane Reade is among nine retailers and restaurants that Standard & Poor’s rates as “at significant risk of default, with junk-bond ratings of CCC, or ‘very weak.'” A Duane Reade spokesman denied that the store was in any trouble, but, of the six members on S&P’s list last year, three have since filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Bwog knows one way they could improve the bottom-line: don’t roll out Christmas decorations in September.

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  1. beware

    These types of closures are going to be regular across the country as the economy depresses. Food will be scarce, as will jobs. Obama will be unable to save the economy with his trillion dollar a year plan. Violence will escalate, spurred by ethnic differences and illegal immigration. Liberals will be summarily reduced in numbers as the war creates clear divides in the populace. This has been predicted by numerous pundits. The left wing's socialist utopia will quickly disintegrate.

  2. victoryisnigh

    The multicultural experiment has failed. Viva the right-wing revolution!

  3. BSz

    Right, who's the dumbass: the one aware of what is going to happen in the US, or the millions upon millions of blissful ignoramuses who are going to starve or be turned into casualties of war? Do you research: A LOT of people know what's happening in this country. America isn't dying. It's dead. We're just waiting for it to start rotting. That's when shit gets ugly.

  4. Dang,

    this is hard-core. Liberals just whined about Gore and the popular vote every now and then.

  5. hahahaha

    bwog is beginning to become stormfront.org

  6. p.s.

    This is an article about Duane Reade.
    Take your cries about reverse racism to a place where someone cares, like anncoulter.com

  7. ...

    Is this even a Columbia student posting this race war bullshit?

  8. wow

    these comments are scary...what happened to hope and change?

  9. How

    did we get from duane reade to racism? The new logo is black and white in unity. Follow the sign, people. Follow the sign.

  10. what?  

    How, exactly, is Obama antagonistic to our nation's core values? I didn't realize those values included discrimination, depriving people of health care, and depriving people of their due process--all things that Bush believes in. We elected a hugely unpopular president eight years ago, too--one who was so unpopular he didn't even win the popular vote--and crime rates didn't shoot up the way you're alleging now.

  11. gee

    oh goodness Bwog, maybe you should disable comments for a few days or something. This is getting weird.

  12. oh nooo!

    I CANNOT lose the 24 hour Duane Reade!! It's so convenient...(though ridiculous lines during the day)

  13. amused

    Hit "Track" on comment 1 to see comments from the same ip. The results are not surprising.

    Agree with 21, how did we get from Duane Reade to racism?

  14. so why

    is Duane Reade on the verge of default?

  15. wow

    things just got really messed up. also, i'm curious to see the posts that were deleted.

  16. hey

    thanks for the wake up call its always good to see cutting edge grass roots dialectic -- an alum

  17. Red

    When there's 50% unemployment and there's not enough food to go around, and there are absolutely TREMENDOUS quantities of guns in the hands of mostly right-leaning citizens, what would you expect? These idiot, effeminate, emasculated ivory-tower Columbia liberals have never known a hardship in their life. Their denial of what's coming is pathetic. They will simply be fodder, as a result. You'd be more than smart to heed the signs. Civil war is coming. The country is rapidly disintegrating while the Zionists loot it to the ground. Be prepared. Get armed.

  18. why?

    Also, how does pointing out PROVEN facts make one a white supremacist? I have yet to meet a liberal intelligent enough to answer that simple question.

    Take for example: Martinlutherking.org

  19. In conclusion,

    move to Canada.

  20. canada

    we takin over (according to that article, that is)

  21. ugh

    bwog, we are adults. seriously.



  22. why

    will there be a food shortage?

  23. person

    4chan is that way =>

  24. casey

    Is it just me, or does that logo look a lot like Radio Shack's?

  25. NOOOO

    Now where will I get my pink and white frosted animal crackers

    • ...  

      duane reade has mothers circus animal cookies? how? what? mothers is gone! has keebler already picked up the slack and started selling duane reade branded circus animals? WHERE DO I GET THEM?! MUST HAVE CIRCUS ANIMAL COOKIES

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