Via City Room, Bwog learns that Duane Reade has rolled out a new logo at newly renovated stores, replacing the longtime interlocking blue and red DR with a black-and-white, non-interlocking version. City Room commenters pointed out that the logo seems to draw its “inspiration” from Radio Shack.

But the store, which has been in and out of legal trouble over the past few years, may also soon become another casualty of the recession. According to the Wall Street Journal, Duane Reade is among nine retailers and restaurants that Standard & Poor’s rates as “at significant risk of default, with junk-bond ratings of CCC, or ‘very weak.'” A Duane Reade spokesman denied that the store was in any trouble, but, of the six members on S&P’s list last year, three have since filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Bwog knows one way they could improve the bottom-line: don’t roll out Christmas decorations in September.