Why Tasti Left, And What Could Replace It

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Suggesting that frozen-yogurt customers are perhaps less than loyal, Tasti D-Lite experienced a 75% decline in sales in the first semester before abruptly departing campus this past Friday. Was it off-campus flex? The introduction of (more popular) Pinkberry? The economy? We’ll probably never know.

As for what would go in its place, Columbia Dining Services told Bwog that “a brand like Chick-Fil-A or Jamba Juice would rather have a location with foot traffic 365 days a year.” In addition, the space formerly occupied by the Tasti kiosk has no running water, just electricity, which rules out many potential vendors (Tasti employees apparently cleaned/washed up down in the Lerner student kitchen). Regardless, any new location would appear “probably in the fall,” and would be selected with input from the Dining Advisory Committee (which includes each school’s student services representatives).

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  1. why not  

    turn this into another space for students and groups to use? I know Dining isn't going to reopen another cafe, nor is a restaurant, due to low/highly seasonal volume. It would help alleviate the space crunch

  2. oracle  

    99% chance this empty space remains empty. but off limits, of course.

  3. ...  

    they should turn it into the william f. buckley memorial safe space for conservative and rational thought...

  4. dunkin donuts  

    please oh pretty please dunkin donuts. they're coffee is my favorite, and i need something to make me want to come back senior year.

  5. Non-nom  

    "Regardless, any new location would only appear 'probably in the fall...'"

    Meaning, of course, sometime late next spring.

    Also, Bwog, maybe YOU killed Tasti. An article that describes "peanuts akin to cardboard and depression; the Reeses like little brown cups of anti-flavor" probably isn't going to do much for business.

    That said, the toppings at Cereality are delicious. And who needs running water for take-away Crunch Berries and Life concoctions? (Hint hint, Reps.)

  6. !!!  


  7. electricity, you say?  

    why, let's create a wall of flat panel TVs and run powerpoint presentations on them!

  8. noooo  

    add more tables and more vending machines! i hate never being able to find a seat in ferris at lunch

  9. noooo  

    olive garden!!!!!

  10. stop  

    Tasti is not frozen yogurt!

  11. i would kill for a  


    too bad.

  12. fbc lunch?  

    anyone at ferris during lunch today? is it just me or were there 40-50% more people there around noon than last semester?

  13. subway  




  14. cow  


  15. water

    Running water actually wouldn't be hard to do. Remember, it took a few months to get running water to Cafe East when they were setting it up.

    Maybe Cafe East should move up there and they open up that space again for something...couches, computers, I dunno

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