Guide to the Weekend: Welcome Back/Fine Dining Edition

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Barack Obama is President. It’s your first weekend back in New York City. You don’t have any homework yet. Pick your reason, and go party!

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday

Taschen Books Warehouse Sale

Friday & Saturday 11am-8pm, Sunday noon-8pm: Taschen Store NY, 107 Greene St. (212.226.2212)

Taschen, renowned art book publishers, slash their price 50-75%.  You probably won’t find many of your textbooks here, but it’s the perfect opportunity to indulge a hobby. Price: Free!


FOCUS!  2009 California: A Century of New Music

Friday 8pm: Peter Jay Sharp Theater @ Juilliard, 155 W 65th St. (212.769.7406)

Starting Friday, Juilliard musicians donate their talents to share the most cutting edge compositions of classical music.  You won’t hear these tunes in Music Hum, so stop on by.  You have nothing to lose – the event is free!  

Price: Free!

The Moth: In Harm’s Way

Friday 7pm: The Players Club 16 Gramercy Park S (212.475.6116)

This spoken word event includes performances by former undercover FBI agents, Sudanese refugees, and other people with interesting stories of heroism to tell.  Hosted by comedian Tom Shillue.

Price: $20



Saturday noon-6:45pm: Santos Party House 100 Lafayette St (212.584.5492)

Commiserate with other internet enthusiasts.  Hear talks, hang out with Obama Girl, and generally soak up the joys that the internet age has had to offer us.

Price: $30-50

Garden Workshop: Terrariums

Saturday 1pm: Wave Hill House, West 249th St. and Independence Ave., Bronx

Build your own miniature landscape inside a tiny glass jar.  Do it now—you’ll need something pretty to keep you company once the semester really gets in gear.  Registration required: call 718.549.3200 x305.

Price: $40 member/$55 non-member


Winter Restaurant Week 2009

Manhattan’s finest restaurants open their doors to us poor cash-strapped plebians.  Though I doubt any of them accept Flex, you’ll nonetheless walk away without any spending guilt.  Three course prix-fixe gourmet meals?  Just what the recession ordered.   

Sunday-Friday Lunch and Dinner: various locations

Price: Lunch $24.07/Dinner $35

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  1. hmmm  

    one of the new columnists has a column titled "chris shrugged." wasn't that the name of, um, another column?

  2. lame  

    "Though I doubt any of them accept Flex, you'll nonetheless walk away without any spending guilt."
    $24 for lunch and $35 for dinner? is that not horrendously expensive?
    these are all lame/none are actually parties. thanks for nothing, once again.

    • Meh.  

      Well, it IS for three courses. So figure at lunch it's $8 per course, dinner it's about $11 per course, at restaurants that would otherwise be about $30 per course.

      Still not terribly student-friendly, though.

  3. you will  

    hear that music in Music Hum, since a lot of the teachers write it.

  4. roflcon  

    registration is closed. :(

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