Call Ahead for JJ’s, And Other Dining Changes

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With the new year comes new dining policies, and none may be more threatening to freshman waistlines than the institution of “Order-by-Phone” pickup system at JJ’s. According to Dining Services, “you can order any food item from the menu in advance by calling 212-851-5801 and can pick it up approximately 15 minutes after the phone call.”

The service (which is also available for the Kosher Deli during the day) is available Sunday – Thursday from 6 pm to 1 am. JJ’s also now offers a catering service for student group events, ensuring that a steady supply of chicken fingers will make its way into our free food announcements. 

But while the actual JJ’s menu will remain unchanged, several other campus eateries have introduced new options for the semester, including new salads at Ferris, and Bento Boxes from Mill Korean at Uris. See the full list of new ways to spend your Dining Dollars after the jump.

Ferris Booth – New entree salad features (Asian Mandarin Chicken salad, Spicy Shrimp and Avocado Salad, Grilled Wild Salmon Salad), Salsa and Chips special, new gourmet entrees at night

Uris – Bento Boxes from the Mill Korean, Boars Head Sandwiches

Café 212 – Wasabi Tuna Sandwich

Carlton – New Mill Korean entrees

Lenfest – Daily grill specials

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  1. hey  

    ferris now closes at 8. is that new this semester? I don't remember it closing that early last semester....

  2. Last Semester  

    Ferris closed at 8 PM already

  3. But...  

    Are they still making empanadas at Ferris? Those were awesome.

  4. omg  

    i feel incredibly sick after eating john jay's pasta primavera tonight. anyone else vommitting their hearts out after making the mistake of eating there?

  5. red

    All very nice improvements indeed. The biggest improvement to all these dining establishments, though, would be a reduction of the extra premium that they seem to charge compared to local restaurants.

  6. random but cool  

    Apparently if you get a large pasta at Ferris on Thursdays you get a free fountain soda now too. Random but cool if you're a Thursday/thirsty. And someone just told me that applies to the curry bar special too...

  7. Hmmm

    I don't quite understand the need for the JJs thing. I always thought the entire point of JJs was to go down stand in line, chit chat, and relax for 30 minutes during a hard night of studying. I guess the OMG INTENSE!!! people need their spicy chicken fingers too...

  8. theory  

    There's a stomache virus making the rounds in John Jay at least. That probably explains your vomiting.

    John Jay food. not tasty but hopefully sanitary. Why can't we have our own Hewitt? You can't even get a seat there most days because the crowds are so large.

  9. vomiter  

    got sick from John Jay also....

  10. Burritos!  

    They also improved the burrito line at Ferris. They have self-serve chips with salsa! I think the meat looked better too.

  11. hmm...  

    bento boxes from mill korean are not new at Uris. Also you can't use Dining at Uris anyway (unless THAT'S changed).

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