Your Non-Existent Downtown Trips Could Soon Be Cheaper

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Yes, subways may always be cheaper than cabs. And sure, you may not venture south of 108th again until after exams (you Philistine, etc.). Nevertheless, for Columbia students’ (and their relatives’) future transportation emergencies, Bwog applauds the Bloomberg administration’s proposal for a permanent cabsharing system

The proposal, first mentioned in Bloomberg’s state of the city address, is obviously still very much in the planning stages, but would set up formal cabsharing system at airports, train stations, and a few other locations in the city. Cabsharing was temporarily implemented during the 2005 transportation strike, with drivers charging flat fees, though it’s unknown what form the new system would take.

The Bloomberg public relations people might deny this, but Bwog likes to think the real inspiration was Carsplit.

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  1. hungry  

    Hi Bwog,
    I'm in desperate need of free food tonight--can you figure out where this will be possible and let us know?
    hungry sophomore

  2. Uh... guys?

    This actually charges people more. The deal is that instead of charging one person 20 dollars for a cab ride, they're willing to charge 2 people 13 dollars each. So if you and your three friends go out on a Saturday night, then instead of splitting a $20 bill four ways, you're now going to split a $30 or so bill four ways. I don't understand how people got duped into thinking this is a good deal.

  3. oh man!

    I have erectile dysfunction.

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