EyePoke: Rushed Conclusions Edition

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The Eye Web site is undergoing reconstruction, but Bwog still recommends these articles from the PDF, which will lead you to answer deep questions far too quickly.

Soul-searching for a major? Just read these interviews and you will know your path! (Pg. 8-12)

Is there going to be an apocalypse? No. (Pg. 4)

Do all 3-D movies suck? Yes. (Pg. 11)

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  1. hey bwog  

    in neurobio there were 3 detectives who grabbed a student at the beginning of the class. then the professor was called out, the detectives entered, and grabbed a computer and left. get to the bottom of this!

  2. Also  

    Did we ever figure out what happened re: the kazillion cops in and around Wein one night last semester?

    • Also Also  

      Did anyone see the 20+ public safety officers run into Butler last saturday?

      Bwog, your minor campus crisis reporting is starting to suck.

      • Bwog  

        We're only so many people, and we rely on your tips for content! Please, do send tips about what's happening on campus to [email protected]

  3. yes  

    "English?" major on cover of the eye is cute

  4. Anonymous  

    I'm not sure most of those things were real majors. But what can you say about the virtues of studying math or philosophy that hasn't been printed elsewhere?

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