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Moses parted the Red Sea, and America can “turn off” (redirect) Niagara Falls…in order to repair two pedestrian bridges, to ensure tourist safety. Hurrah! (NY Times) Enfant terrible Donald Trump boycotted last night’s Republican Debate, but that didn’t stop candidates Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz from verbally jousting over immigration. (NY Times) Zika virus infections […]

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A record-breaking number of earthquakes are terrorizing Mammoth Lakes, California. (LA Times) Kim K was the victim of another red carpet prank at Paris Fashion Week. (NY Daily News) Enterovirus D68 is making headlines again after nine Colorado kids develop paralysis. (CBS News) Beyoncé’s 2015 calendar is now available for purchase. Guess Bey wasn’t satisfied with her first billion? (MTV News) Looks like the world of […]

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Historically, New York has not seen many tornados. (So few so that Bwog had to lookup whether there’s an “e” in the plural.  You can go either way.)  To celebrate this atypical natural splendor, Alexandra Svokos urges you to Choose Your Own Adventure: A. You are sitting in bed, noshing on some Strawberry Veronas and […]

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Update: The view from East Campus is being described as “mad cool,” and “hella terrifying” by residents. The following email was just sent out by Dean Martinez, on behalf of Public Safety: The National Weather Service has issued a tornado watch and predicted severe thunder storms for our area until 9:00pm tonight. All students are asked to […]

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The End of Days

The four horses of the SSOL apocalypse are on their way! Hurry up and register for that class that you thought you didn’t want to take but turned out to be full of unknown knowledge (or just full of easy homework assignments), as it’s the last day to add courses. Also, if you just don’t get MusicHum, drop […]

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Columbia students will be shooting a short video on the Millennium Development Goals at 6 PM at the Sundial, and they need lots of extras. Free pizza (this time hopefully warm) will be provided. Bwog guesses that this video is being created in anticipation of this weekend’s Millennium Campus Conference, a meeting of student leaders to discuss international […]

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The Eye Web site is undergoing reconstruction, but Bwog still recommends these articles from the PDF, which will lead you to answer deep questions far too quickly. Soul-searching for a major? Just read these interviews and you will know your path! (Pg. 8-12) Is there going to be an apocalypse? No. (Pg. 4) Do all […]

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At last, Harvard doesn’t have an infinite endowment. Oh right, but now we have even less money. This semester, the Columbia bureaucracy did stuff we didn’t want it to do. 2008: sucks. 1956: that sucked too.  What to do about the world crashing in around Columbia, with some improvised Dylan lyrics.  World continues to spin […]

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Bwog’s Film Rental Guide returns! Film correspondent Mark Hay rolls with the new mood. At first it seemed just a series of fleeting, disparaging, sensationalized headlines. Wall Street crash. $700 billion bailout. Bailout failure. Soon enough the crisis broke upon us and here we are, bemoaning our current financial affairs and preaching gloom and doom. […]

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Obama wasn’t a huge fan of Columbia! Columbia wasn’t a huge fan of McCain!  The neighbors are apathetic! Athletes aren’t dumb! Volunteering is great!  Really!  Students think so too!    

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