Since You’ll Be Working For Free, Why Not Have Some Free Food?

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The semester just started, but summer internship application deadlines are fast approaching.

To that end, the Center for Career Education is helping sponsor an internship fair this afternoon at 5 o’clock in Earl Hall Auditorium designed to get you on track for your summer plans.

Expect a panel discussion by major city employers and a workshop on internship hunting led by career development author Lindsey Pollak. (Yeah, Bwog hasn’t heard of her either, but she does have Facebook.)

Even more importantly, the event has free food. “Especially cupcakes,” according to CCSC 2011 President Learned Foote.

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  1. Anonymous

    Well, cupcakes aren't "food" exactly...but I have been in an industry where I DID get to have free food for my entire career. That's good, and it's bad. If one makes healthy choices, free or not, it can be a big money saver. If a person eats more UNHEALTHY food because it's free, that's not exactly a 'good' thing. :-D

    Angela from Aberdeen


  2. Poops McGee

    God dammit bwog! I'm studying abroad and living in the "now" right now, which is something I never do at Columbia, and I had completely ignored summer plans. I randomly decided to check bwog, and you've only reminded me of the depressing fact that I must now look for summer internships ASAP. I hate you...

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