We know, you’re devastated, and need time to mourn. But please forgive us this small commemoration, a look back at all the moments Tasti and Bwog have had together, in the last post until something else actually happens (we promise!).

In the beginning, a pair of intrepid freshwomen embarked on a three-day Tasti-only diet, to find out if one could possibly get too much of such a good thing (as they found out, one most certainly can).  This inaugurated the long, slow slide of Tasti’s fortunes to their current state, punctuated by the arrival of the challenger Pinkberry. Pinkberry took the neighborhood by storm, and Tasti raised its prices, thinking its airy artificial puff could compete with yogurt-y deliciousness. Bwog began expanding its froyo universe–Red Mango! Yolato!–and Tasti’s star was falling, until it finally came to rest, forsaken by those who once loved it most.

Bwog has spent innumerable hours in the Tasti Lounge, listening to the happy hordes chatter over their guilt-free desserts. Now, the nearest place to get a fix is at Broadway and 86th. Goodbye Fluffernutter! Goodbye Mango Dream! The chain, New York-born and now based out of Tennessee, hopes to expand to 500 locations world wide. But for the Lions and the Bears, Tasti has passed beyond.