And here Bwog thought that Barack Obama’s victory would satiate campus liberalism for at least a month. Instead, the College Dems are already out to hold him to account, and this year they have a new weapon: LARGER POSTERS! Bwog mostly loves them for being put in blatantly no-poster zones. 

Dems Lead Activist Kate O’Gorman told Bwog that the posters, which cover issues ranging from education to the economy, show “the issues that we want to push, and we want students to join us in being concerned about them. A lot of students on this campus, including the 132 that went with us on the campaign trip, spent a lot of time and effort on electing Barack Obama and we want to keep that spirit alive.”

Perhaps most importantly, though, the first Dems meeting/Wednesday night free food opportunity of the year is tomorrow night in 511 Hamilton.