Daughter of Camelot Caroline Kennedy officially withdrew her bid for Hillary Clinton’s senate seat around midnight last night, ending her bungled campaign of not answering questions and irritating verbal tics. The Kennedy camp has not answered any questions about the unexpected move (see previous sentence), but the New York Times and the NY Post are offering conflicting explanations. The Times claims Uncle Ted‘s health was the reason, and the Post posits that Caroline discovered Paterson was not going to select her and so dropped out.

Paterson has said he will announce his pick this Saturday, and, though he is not a top contender, the Bwog is still rooting for Daniel O’Donnell, our Morningside Heights Assemblyman, who met with Paterson to discuss the job. If he wins, maybe his magic will rub off on us too!

Kennedy’s surprise retraction makes the tumultuous race to win the governor’s appointment, already clouded by the greed of a certain coiffure-troubled governor, even more chaotic. At least take heart that our senator won’t be Roland Burris.