We at Bwog are always on the lookout for useful websites. Bwog daily editor Eliza Shapiro brings us the backstory on GlovesIFound.com.

On one chilly day in early December, Brian Donahoe, CC ’12, was walking from John Jay to Hamilton when he happened upon a glove on the ground. He contemplated it for a moment, and decided not to pick it up, but then he got to thinking. “I thought about how it would never be reunited with its other half and I thought…I can make this better,” Donahoe tells Bwog triumphantly. Donahoe launched GlovesIFound shortly after with one simple goal: to reunite gloves found around Columbia’s campus and the greater metropolitan area with their owners.

Since December, Donahoe and a motley crew of uber-observant freshmen have snatched up abandoned gloves all over the place. They then post a picture of the glove and where it was found. This same group has also plastered the John Jay lobby with homemade posters. One depicts a drunk glove, a stoned glove, and two gloves having sex, reading: “its 11:47, do you know where your gloves are?” Another promotes the site as “the new Facebook.” So keep your eyes peeled for gloves, Bwog readers, Donahoe tells us they’re everywhere “if you just look for them.” Oh, the possibilities!