The University of Havana-North, not content with having one of its own in the oval office, continues to add alumni to the new administration. This time, the post is chairman of the FCC, which has been in censorship overdrive ever since Janet-Jackson-boob-gate, and the nominee is Julius Genachowski, CC ’85.

Genachowski not only overlapped with Obama’s two years at Columbia, but also was his Harvard law school classmate, working under Obama at the Harvard Law Review. He has already served as General Consul Counsel to the FCC in the mid 90s, but is in fact best known for his technology experience, including “spearheading Obama’s online campaign strategy, which used social networking and other tools to spread Obama’s campaign message and raise record campaign contributions.”

Bwog hopes he will at least stop the censors calling “fellatio a trouser-friendly kiss.”