This Week in Procrastination: Post-Superbowl Blues Edition

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Editor’s Note: Bwog will continue to update on the death of SEAS student yesterday, but we will also keep our regular posts going. 

Get your real-world education outside of classes this week.


China and Green Energy Technology: There’s a speaker from JUCCCE (best acronym ever), but it’s also about summer internships.  6:00 PM @ Carleton Cafe, Mudd.


The Beak of the Finch: Part 3 of a series on Darwin and ethics with Prof. Jonathan Weiner, from the School of Journalism.  6:30 PM @ Lifelines Center, All Souls Church, 1157 Lexington Ave (80th St.)


“Columbia Revolt” Film Screening: The Grassroots Policy Network presents a throwback to our favorite year, featuring a panel with “original participants.”  7:00 PM @ 1302 IAB.


Evolution of the Solar System: A colloquium with Prof. Paul Olsen for the budding scientists at Columbia.  2:45 @ 214 Mudd.


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