Snow Penis Alert!

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And 2009 has officially begun. The snow penis is back, complete with a heart in time for Valentine’s Day. Thanks to Jason Patinkin for the photo, and thanks to Columbia for the memories.

UPDATE: Apparently there’s another message in EC Courtyard – a message of love to Fruit Pauncher/Ferris Reel VP/all-around Bwog favorite Colin Drummond (picture after the jump). Colin asks us, “Who made the original message? I need a date to Winter Gala…” Bwog doesn’t know either, but it’s your move, ladies.




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  1. back?  

    this penis thing is legendary?

  2. dirty  

    looks like someone who is about to have his birthday is getting his cock out

  3. Anonymous  

    is that lance armstrong's dick? it's only got one ball

  4. classic  

    where was this photo taken? EC courtyard?

  5. Gender Equality  


  6. hmm  

    Someone make one in Barnard, please?

  7. what?  

    clearly i was declaring my love for the Chicago Police Department

  8. fsd  

    i also need a date to the winter gala!

  9. well  

    I personally like Child Pusher Downer

  10. conspiracy  

    bwog staged the snow penis and the fake love note because they didn't get enough love from daddy and they want attention

  11. ummm  

    how is CPD not cupid as in related to the valentine's day heart?

  12. suspects:  

    barnard girls -penis envy

  13. holmes  

    whoever made that sure has big size 14 feet

  14. #19  

    and it's actually a before and after shot, the heart symbolically transforming into the romantic phallus

  15. CPD!!!  

    is so my favorite

  16. penile love

    If penises actually looked like that, I think I'd kill myself.

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