A Call to Arms: For God, For Country, For Bwog

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Two years ago, we at Bwog lost the U.S. News and World Report‘s “Paper Trail” blog’s Best [Campus] Alternative Media Outlet poll to Wesleyan after some crotchety commenters lampooned their granola-eating ways and they retaliated en masse. We lost last year, too.

This year, we have another foe: Yale. That’s right, now you have the chance to reject them.

What makes this battle even more worth fighting is that the Yale blog is based out of one single residential college. That’s like a blog for Wien (albeit a beautiful, wonderful Wien with its own library and cafeteria) winning this whole contest. Egregious. And while we lower our lances at Yale, we also set our sights at Penn State. You may have an undergrad population of six million, but we have the fervor to best you.

Vote now, vote on multiple computers, whatever it takes. You have until midnight on February 17th. Do it for Bwog, because we’d do it for you.

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  1. you know  

    This might be a more compelling call to action had this entire publication not gone to complete shit in the last one year, two years.

  2. Damn  

    There is no chance... but I voted anyway.

  3. reject?  

    hah, I was too cool to apply to Yale. CU all the way

  4. tags?

    "Prezbo And A Dinosaur In Front Of Hamdel"


  5. Yes We Can  

    I voted for Bwog, of course! But it's getting killed by PSU and Yale. For whatever it's worth, the Yale dorm in question (or 'residential college', kind of like a dorm/frat hybrid) Timothy Dwight is pretty awesome.

    Go Bwog Go!

  6. voter  

    I went and voted for IvyGate. Because it was the only other one I was familiar with and didn't want to vote for Bwog.
    Let's face it. We're gonna lose. We don't have the numbers (Penn State). Or the influence (Yale)

  7. lala  

    bwog has become dilapidated, irresponsible, and downright nasty with some of it's "journalism". it's no wonder that it cannot win. For those who might vote for Bwog anyway, there is some legitimization: many people apply to Yale and get in but decide to go to Columbia because, well, if G.W. is the caliber of student that the ghetto of New Haven creates... why even consider the Bulldogs or whatever they are?

  8. cc'12  

    i chose columbia over yale. why does bwog have such a yale inferiority complex?

    • hell  

      the yale inferiority complex is a historically columbian behavior

      • And...  

        you're basing that assertion off of what--Bwog posts for the past two years? It's the only place I've heard speak of it.

      • what?

        columbia may have historically nursed an inferiority complex toward the "upper" ivy league (harvard, yale, and sometimes princeton, but mostly not princeton because princeton is a cultural anathema to most columbians...but also maybe stanford), but not really yale specifically.

        I don't think columbia and yale attract too much of an overlapping applicant pool, even. most yale applicants value prestige and a "true college" experience over urban life (no one is choosing to go there based on new haven). columbians tend to value prestige as well, but only to the extent that they can find it within the confines of a city.

        the school columbia applicants most overlap with is brown, actually - probably because both schools are known for exhibiting the same political qualities.

  9. ...  

    that yale blog. it's so... normal. they sound like normal kids, just having fun. none of the columbia forced bitterness and snark. just a bunch of people, that seem happy... how weird!

    • when daddy  

      yale has (had?) over $1 million dollars in endowment per student at a school where undergraduates make up half the total population and where the living arrangements are ridiculously lavish, rather than tenement level pits (like Wien before its mini-renovation).

      Maybe that's why there students are happy? Oh also they're not wannabe disaffected hipsters.

  10. pico  

    yo i just read the yale blog and it made me pretty sad. why can't we be as happy as them? columbia needs a new, HAPPY blog

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