Are You Columbia’s Best Couple?

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It�s coming. Young love, sappiness, stuffed animals, adorable couples, flowers, and pink. And (mercifully) lots of chocolate.

Yes, Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Are you one of those adorable couples who sincerely enjoy the festivities because you blend in with the sickening adorable-ness of it all? Do you want the world to benefit from your love? Do you want a free iPod?

No, PDA does not, in fact, help the rest of us feel as happy as you do. But participating in the Asian American Alliance�s �Game of Love� event will benefit the Asian Women�s Self Help Association, and might even win you an iPod shuffle! Or, much more importantly, the title of Best Columbia Couple Ever.

This event will not, as the advertisements above imply, be a make-out-in-front-of-a-lot-of-people contest. It will be run game show style; Bwog assumes that it might involve answering questions about your significant other. You can also participate with a best friend. Hopefully that means questions will generally stay PG-13.

Let the magic happen at from 8-11pm, Friday February 13th in the Broadway room in Lerner. Check out the Facebook event for more info and to sign yourself and your other half up for this festive exercise in self-humiliation for charity. Service, friends, comes in many forms.

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  1. wait  

    we have couples?
    silly bwog, an engineer and his left hand does not count.

  2. haha  

    my bf would so not be interested in this
    id rather get high

  3. Wait just a second,  

    A Women's Self Help Association is being sponsored by a game about couples?

  4. bitter  

    why does AAA need to remind me i'm single?


  5. forCharity  


    Do it for charity.

  6. >.  

    Ugh. I hate Valentine's Day. Friends are all we need, no? Definitely gonna try to convince my best friend to do this.

  7. he ho  

    When it's time to get down with dees hoes,

    lets go

  8. I used  

    to be in one of the cutest couples at Columbia...

  9. SORRY  

    cutest couple commenter, you dissed the cute people member and made a mess of yourself :(

    Don't misinterpret me, but that's just sad (Find the pun there!)

  10. Bored SEAS Alum

    I love the jealousy directed at SEAS students. Have fun getting work, English and Econ majors!

  11. Um....  

    The most important SEAS alum is a poet.

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