At Postcrypt(s), Love Was in the Air

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Bwog’s Julia Mix Barrington checked in with the double feature at Postcrypt Coffeehouse and Postcrypt Art Gallery.

What’s that you say?  You didn’t find

your way down the winding stone steps of St. Paul’s Chapel to check out the Postcrypt LOVE show last night?  Well, here’s what you missed.

Anthony da Costa serenaded full tables of discerning Coffeehouse-goers with his guitar, harmonica, and twangy vocal stylings.  Not surprisingly, he wore plaid, and, despite the cramped space (attractive exposed brick!), his audience seemed to be enjoying him quite a bit. When he asked how much time he had left, one female admirer piped up “Oh for us you have HOURS!”

Two rooms over, the gallery held the artwork, all riffing on the theme of (you guessed it) love; there were paintings, photographs, drawings, sculptures, and even a quasi-interactive “FREE LOVE” box by Lego-obsessed New York artist Rick Anthony Diaz.  A pack of markers and a large piece of yellow paper tacked to the wall invited gallery-goers to post the things they loved; eccentrically dressed artsy types wrote things like “insects,” “Boulder,” and “Perez.” Bwog won’t pretend to be an art critic, but instead invites you to take a look at some of the pieces for yourself.

UPDATE: A commenter points out that Postcrypt Coffeehouse now has a YouTube channel, where you can watch scenes from last night’s set.

The cast of The Vagina Monologues provided these drawings of their vaginas.

Sculptor Zane Hart created this piece, entitled Lavinia.

Yael Degany‘s small and intricate paintings filled nearly a whole wall of the gallery.

This sweet photo by Spec A&E contributor Yvan Rosa was one of a series of five.

Matt Hamilton’s photographs dealt straightforwardly with the LOVE theme.

Rick Anthony Diaz’s Lego heart cards sat in a box titled “FREE LOVE,” and were available for anyone to take.

Postcrypt’s next show, “Skeletons in the Closet” opens Friday, March 6.

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  1. ginia  

    Check out some vids of Anthony and GSer Casey Black from last night at youtube.com/user/postcryptcoffeehouse. Also, Yale freshman Oliver Hill played some damn fine fiddle with AdC.

  2. i love  

    postcrypt art gallery.

  3. Jon

    Glad to see my Postcrypters are doing great! Thanks, BWOG, for the coverage.

  4. jlam  

    jon! glad to see an alum lurking on bwog. come visit us at our next show!

    and yes, bwoggers, you can come too.

  5. GS owl

    I think I saw da Costa in Tarrytown @ Coffee Labs on Main St maybe? Ridiculously good. Why this kid doesn't have a label is beyond me. Admissions better let him in - a tragedy for Columbia & NY to lose him.

  6. pretty  

    but i'm still not gonna kiss anyone. everyone's sick... :(

  7. joshfan2243  

    Let's not forget Sophomore Joshua Szymanowski who offended some members of the crowd to the point of exit. And also, asked the audience whether or not God had a clitoris. Right on!

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