Help Find This Ipod!

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B&W Features Editor Lydia DePillis sends in this artistic and moving plea discovered in the Woodbridge elevator.  Poor Isla has lost her mother Elaine’s iPod, and she’s offerring a reward (“and hug!”) to the kind soul who can help her find it.  Consider a lost iPod as an analogue to Cinderella’s glass slipper (not like that, Marla) and give Isla a hand.  If her excellent poster’s anything to go on, she’s probably awesome.

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  1. Isla i luv  

    that name. haven't heard it since leaving texas. sorry though...can't help you.

  2. aw!  

    can you get a better resolution of this picture?

  3. She  

    should just go to Taco Bell.

  4. random  

    oh look, I have a new pink Ipod Nano. The tooth fairy left it for me.

  5. ...  

    yeah, isla is a pretty rad girl. hope she finds her ipod!

  6. wow  

    i knew isla made this immediately without seeing her name. shes totally awesome, and so is her mom. hope she finds it

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