Japanese Food Vacuum Emerges: Tomo to Close

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Oh noes! Bwog tipster Rachael McMillan just let us know, horrified, that Tomo is going to close — permanently — next Sunday. A quick call to the hostess on duty revealed that their lease is up, and so is rent. The rent increase is “like, a lot” and they will not be able to continue doing business.

After Swish closed a month ago, they recommended that sushi seekers go to Tomo to fulfill their rolled fish cravings.Just recently, they changed their sign to indicate that they would be reopening with an all-new Japanese menu. Perhaps they knew before the rest of us.

If Swish doesn’t reopen soon, Morningside will be struck with a sushi shortage. Destruction and famine is likely to follow; Bwog will keep you posted.

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  1. colors

    That's sad. You would think rents would be decreasing now, albeit only a little bit.

  2. hold on  

    doesn't columbia own this building? ASS HOLES

  3. Is it true  

    that Tomo and Swish are owned by the same company?

  4. paco  

    the third law of entropy says that the amount of japanese food in the world can never increase, it can only decrease or remain the same. word.

  5. xferstudent  

    everytime i fart, i have to transfer schools, because im the reason we have snowstorms here

  6. Anonymous

    As much as I think the people that run Tomo are really nice the food has always been so so. Sumo on Amsterdam between 107 and 108 is great. Really small but that shouldn't be a deterrent. After all its all about the quality of the food not the size of the plate right?

  7. swish  

    is it coming back?

  8. truth

    hey all, so i was/am a swish regular and well one of the waitresses there gave me this scope well before swish closed.

    they were closing tomo and consolidating their business at swish, where swish would in fact take on basically tomo's menu and only be japanese.

    that's what is going on. so a new swish, if it is even called that, should open soon. Good news, perhaps, this means a new restaurant down in the old tomo location.

  9. Yeah

    There is Sumo, Saji's, and I think a place called Saga somewhere. I think we'll make it through. More importantly though--where I will I find delicious, delicious pad thai????

  10. saji's lover  

    best restaurant in morningside hands down

  11. umm

    wondee siam? thai market? both decent

  12. Suma sushi  

    Tomos was overpriced and the food was terribly (I had a cardiac arrest after eating that salty slop that passed for miso). Go to SUMA

  13. dood  

    i agree with the other commenters, saji's is the bomb. i'm not worried about the loss of tomo

  14. woo  

    remember this... coming to theatres next summer COLUMBIA: NEXUS NEMESIS

  15. Thai Market

    Thai market sucks.

  16. Concerned 08 Alum

    Swish closed? That is a true shame. Their thai crispy beef lunch box was iconic.

  17. well...  

    there's always Nussbaum and Wu sushi... hahahahha

  18. actually  

    thai market's really good, their pad thai just isn't the best.

  19. EC Dweller  

    I get the whole not going south of 110th St. thing, but is 123rd & Amsterdam really too far out of the way for all of you? Saga is hands down the best Asian fusion restaurant in the area, and has been for some time. I used to eat at Swish a lot for the huge, cheap Pad Thai, but the Bun Xao at Saga is a lot better. Plus, it's the only Vietnamese option nearby.

  20. SUSHI

    At least from my experience...
    (in no specific order)

    1. M2M Sushi (not too bad, brown rice is good)
    2. Saga Sushi (Amsterdam)
    3. Suma Sushi
    4. Saji's (REALLY GOOD)

    I'm still hurt by Swish; their ginger wok beef was AMAZING


    NNNOOOOOOOO I LOVED TOMO. really good sashimi.

  22. sunchaner  

    I've been to Tomo's and Swish twice each; that's like once every two years. I don't know -- I'm excited by the prospect of a new restaurant, if anything.

    "Plus, it's the only Vietnamese option nearby."

    Dunno, 90th and Amsterdam isn't that far for Saigon Grill.

    And yes, Saji's is phenomenal.

    But the best Japanese place around here is Sunchan, hands down. If you're looking for flashy decor, go somewhere else. It's more of a small cozy underground-feeling Izakaya. A bit pricey, though. 103rd and Broadway.

  23. Vlad  

    Saji's has a nice vibe & decent lunch specials.

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