Saturday Night Madness Hits Morningside

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The campus hosted its fair share of emergency responders late Saturday night after two incidents at about 1 a.m. sent ambulances and police scurrying.

A car accident involving a Columbia student pedestrian on 114th Street brought the first wave of flashing lights and sirens.  The student was crossing near the Carman gates when he was struck by a car being driven in reverse. Eyewitnesses tell Bwog that the student was thrown by the collision, landing nearby but still conscious.

Luckily, help arrived almost immediately from an EMS officer who happened to be in a cab heading down 114th Street at the time of the accident. Ambulances soon arrived to treat the student — who was not seriously injured, Bwog is told — and police were able to question the driver of the car.

But, the night was young: within minutes, trouble began brewing a few yards away outside of Roone Arledge auditorium as the Senior Formal wrapped up.

Students were unable to retrieve their coats from the coat check for a period of time after the event ended, a delay that caused agitation and anger in the crowd. A public disturbance quickly erupted and one student suffered a medical problem in the midst of the confusion, requiring a CAVA unit. Eyewitnesses also tell Bwog about a dozen Public Safety security guards were directing students to leave the area once the situation became tense.

“It was mayhem,” writes one tipster.

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  1. Anonymous  

    He was a PIKE pledge during their bid night. He lost a lot of blood but maintained consciousness and motor capabilities. Hopefully he should be fine. We'll all pray for him.

  2. Did no one from Bwog  

    go see the VShow preview at CUPAL Showcase? Methinks a song about exorcism deserves a post.

  3. V-Show  

    the preview was not promising. there are clearly a lot of good performers and talented people in V-show, it's too bad that the music was lame... the song made little to no sense and was mostly unintelligible.

  4. what about

    an egg and peacock write-up?

  5. antipikeist  

    Definitely not all of.

  6. E&P  

    Egg and Peacock was fun. Too bad security freaked out downstairs and cleared the entire building right after the plays ended. It was kind of weird, 5 security guys came into the Blackbox and just shouted "You have to leave NOW!" like 10 minutes after the last play.

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