And It Still Has That New Blog Smell…

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Dear readers,

We’ve spent the last month or so road-testing the new design, while combing through your feedback, and today we’re unveiling the new New Bwog.

We’ve done our best to listen to your comments, bringing back the centered scroll and serif type that many of you favored. We’ve also revamped the logo (that’s Low Library in the background).The Hawk, City, Arts, Events, and Lost and Found sections remain the same, and we look forward to using them more and more. We’re always looking for feedback, of course, so sound off in the comments and/or send your suggestions to bwog@columbia.edu.

Thanks for reading,

James Downie

Bwog Editor

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    the logo is MUCH better. I like the color better too. But, uh, the rightmost column intersects with the main screen.

  2. first!  

    Nice and classy, BWOG.
    I like it.

  3. Anonymous  

    sooo classy bwog me likey. i don't know why but it makes me feel like im going on a boat ride around new york city on a summer night with dinner, dancing, and fine wine.

  4. when

    you read full posts and post comments, you still get the old design...

  5. awww  

    i really liked all that info being on the right side....

  6. bwog  

    i think it would be cool if you could make it so we could customize our layout.. older version, old version, new version... new version with events on the right, etc.

  7. SOOOOO  

    much better. About freaking time

  8. One Problem-  

    Your individual article pages are still in the crappy old format

  9. Nice

    The logo looks really nice and the site in general is easier on the eyes. Great redesign! A+

  10. _abh_2134_at__columbia  

    bwog, just noticed a bug. when you're on the "city" page for example and try to hit the "home" tab, it doesn't work. ALSO it is common practice these days to pre-load content that is under tabs instead of having to do an entire page refresh.

    finally, one other pretty major problem... you have some weird character encodings in the source, and youre throwing off the w3c validator.. http://validator.w3.org/check?uri=bwog.net&charset=%28detect+automatically%29&doctype=Inline&group=0

    otherwise, looks great.

  11. internet explorer  

    The main page looks screwy in my IE browser. Don't ask me what version. Anyway, the right hand sidebar overlaps with the main entries.

  12. awwweee  

    aw bwog, i love you!! be my valentine!! :)

  13. eh the blue  

    is too dark for me.

  14. what  

    how many redesigns are you gonna go through?

  15. Inconsistency  

    when you hover over the "The Blue and White" tab from the home page it turns bold and is underlined, inconsistent with the other tabs. When on the Hawk tab, for example, this inconsistency goes away

  16. anonymous_donor  

    i will possibly donate money to bwog if it becomes w3 standards compliant

  17. ehhh  

    nvmnd w3 is lame even google fails it

  18. oo-la-la, Bwog!  

    You are like the sleeper crush in my history lecture who finally started trying. Want to hang out this weekend? Go on a long walk looking for Hawks? Lecture hop? Just sit around being cynical about everything?

  19. where is

    the weather?!?!?!

  20. like it  

    I like this SOOO MUCH BETTER!!!

  21. hi!  

    right-hand bar is bugged in IE7 and no i'm not switching to laggyfox

  22. awesome  

    thanks, bwog! you actually listened to us :)

  23. Beautiful! But...  

    Still with the color-based CAPTCHA. This is easily defeated by a bot that can read "background-color" and can be difficult for color-blind people.

  24. thanks for listening!

    this is so, so much better. and sexier! yay!

  25. if i could  

    fuck a blog. i'd fuck the new bwog.

  26. Older

    Interface looked better on the iPhone. Otherwise I like it a lot.

    Sent from my iPhone, bitches.

  27. hi!  

    thanks for fixing the right-bar, now the next question is does your form factor really have to be so wide? basically anyone without a widescreen has to use the horizontal scroll bar. otherwise, nice work :)

  28. fo sho

    Looks way better. Good work bwog!

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