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Columbia is no stranger to website redesigns, but here comes an overhaul that will actually matter. As CUIT so eloquently phrases it on the CourseWorks home page, this fall “CourseWorks Begins Transition to New CourseWorks.” The current CourseWorks is based on the Prometheus course management system and has been around since 2001—to put that in […]

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The real world has no finals. (Unless you count taxes.) Here’s what’s happened around you while you were cooped up in the library:

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Columbia just never seems to be satisfied with their Web presence. The SEAS site recently got refreshed— by our count the fourth redesign of this year. (For those keeping score, first came Cubmail, followed by the main page, and then Barnard.) Talk about vanity/ vigilance! The SEAS site was actually revamped just 18 months ago. In this […]

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Following recent redesigns of the Columbia website and Cubmail’s homepage, Barnard got its own online makeover today. The revamped Barnard site features flashier effects, but you’ll probably be too distracted by the collage and Fidelity-esque blue stripe in the background to notice all the techie magic. In the past two years, we’ve seen major web […]

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The Future Is Now!

The look of the future is here! Following this week’s earlier redesign of CubMail’s login page, Columbia’s home page got its own makeover today. Eye candy and gloss abound, and nifty transitions are hidden everywhere. Some parts of Columbia’s online presence still remain unchanged though, notably the undergraduate admissions and financial services pages. And because […]

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CubMail got a makeover today, but not the part you’re thinking about. Its home page has a new design that is “more in line with the style of the new University home page,” which should officially roll out later this week. The new login screen features some smooth transitions and glows, and when you type […]

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Barnard Gets Meta

The Barnard website is getting a makeover, but it seems like it’s going to take a while. On Thursday, Barnard students received an email from Scott DiPerna, Director of Electronic Communications (?!), announcing the plan for an overhaul of and introducing a Barnard Website blog that will keep whoever’s actually interested up-to-date about the […]

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Dear readers, We’ve spent the last month or so road-testing the new design, while combing through your feedback, and today we’re unveiling the new New Bwog. We’ve done our best to listen to your comments, bringing back the centered scroll and serif type that many of you favored. We’ve also revamped the logo (that’s Low […]

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Dear readers, After more than two years with the same front page, we have decided that Bwog is in need of another makeover. The new version will be launching today, and we’ve kept pretty much all of the features that we had before, merely reorganizing them for an even more streamlined look. We have added […]

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Fresh from the newly cleaned-up Spectator website: How about just… not assigning exams in Lerner? Morningside Heights to Rangel: Draft? Seriously? Now where will we buy our discount movie passes? This just in: Professors’ ideas on sexuality often out-of-date! (please read this)  

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