Morningside Heights Officially Becomes Park Slope

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Hark! Bwog stumbled upon something new outside of everyone’s favorite place to wait online on Sunday mornings, Community Food & Juice: a new “stroller parking” section, which can be found outside the entrance along a metal bar of scaffolding. That’s right, here in New York City’s more family-friendly crevices, we don’t have parking for cars, but toddlers. Will Community provide meters to make a little extra cash as the brunch crowd waits for its blueberry pancakes? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, be careful not to trip over the line of BabyBjorns outside next weekend on your way in.

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  1. what do you  

    call it when there are more and more bars coming into the neighborhood?


  2. meh  

    Or it is just a way to save room inside so that more people can fit, thus creating less of a wait for everyone!

  3. i saw  

    this the other day and i giggled.

  4. Doc Holliday  

    But will Community Food & Juice provide a water trough and bags of oats for the babies hitched outside?

  5. you're late  

    get with the program, bwog. that sign has been there for months. what happened to reporting on things that people didn't actually know about yet?

  6. CF&J should fuck off  

    and let Nachos/Casbah replace it.

  7. Nachos

    Was crap and you know it. The food was terrible and the drinks shoddy at best. While I won't say I love Community Food and Juice, it is better than the previous restaurant. Plus I always felt bad for the people living in the 113 dorm directly above it...must have been awful.

  8. Dear Bwog  

    Although Baby Bjorn is a fun phrase, the company doesn't make strollers. They make those carriers that you wear like a backpack.

    Just saying...

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