Free Food In The Time Of Recession

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What do you do when there’s an economic catastrophe? Your answer may determine where you get your free food tonight.

For tips from the eye of the storm, try the “Entrepreneurship & Innovation” panel at 6:30 on Lerner Ramp West. They’ll be offering refreshments to distract you from the horror stories you’re hearing, but free food is free food.

If you seek answers on a higher plane, there will be an interfaith Bible study in Earl Hall Auditorium at 8:00. It’s billed as “Muffins and the Meaning of Life,” so if you don’t want to eat and run, why not give the ultimate question a try? What’s the worst that could happen?

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  1. Totally hoping  

    that last link was to exorcisms. So disappointed.

  2. bwog...  

    i liked the old format better. This one looks like every other college blog. Change it back.

  3. hey bwog  

    Could you write a post about Collision? I want to know what the deal is with that poster near the steps.

  4. is the

    title a reference to
    love in the time of cholera? =\

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