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As the calendar hits the end of Februrary, Columbia’s favorite early spring ritual approaches. No, not actaully using the lawns – it’s Housing Lottery time! According to this year’s calendar, Greek rosters and LLC registration are next week, while room selection registration runs from March 7-11.

For those of you trying to decide what dorms to target and what groups to form, Bwog’s archive has numerous housing reviews, including Claremont, Nussbaum, EC, Wien, Ruggles, and Woodbridge. There’s even a debate about just giving up and living off campus.

However, some dorms had specific floors renovated, so it will be worth gunning for those as the housing process progresses. The full list of changes is on the housing website, and most are rather minor and/or cosmetic.  Michael Novielli of Student Auxillary and Business Services told Bwog that “While the language is in the future tense since [the list] was written last year, all of this work has already been completed.” Regardless, it’s a lottery: most are bound to be disappointed.


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  1. confused  

    why are you posting year-old news again?

  2. ttttttttt  

    tongue in the butt!

  3. Actually  

    According to the PDF calendar, registration begins on Feb. 26th.

    Also, cut-off history from last year still isn't up.

  4. the claremont link  

    doesnt go anywhur

  5. barnard?  

    why does no one cover living in Barnard housing?

  6. barnard please  

    please cover barnard housing. :)

  7. barnard

    barnard housing is the place to be for columbia students. cathedral gardens is a palace.

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