Men’s Basketball Beats Brown, Moves to 2nd in League

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 – Columbia University Athletics

Looking better each weekend, the Columbia men’s basketball team won its third game in a row (and sixth in seven), holding off Brown 70-57. Junior guard Pat Foley scored a career-high 21 points, and freshman guard Noruwa Agho added 17 more, including 14 in the second half, to lead the team to an important victory at the start of a four-game, two-weekend road trip.

Even more impressively, the Lions remain in strong contention for the Ivy League title. Tonight’s win, combined with Cornell’s loss at Yale, puts the Lions (6-3) only one game behind Cornell (7-2)  in the standings, with five games left in the season. Although Cornell holds the tiebreaker by virtue of having beaten Columbia twice to start the year, the Big Red have lost two of their last three away games, and could easily stumble down the stretch.  

For the Lions, tomorrow night’s game at Yale (5-4) will be critical; last time, at home, Columbia won 53-42 behind strong 2nd half defense and a double-double from forward Jason Miller. You can watch (yes, watch!) the action on the YES network tomorrow night at 7.


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  1. This is awesome  

    kick some ass guys. Obama v Bush. The momentum is with us. How many games left in the season?

  2. where  

    is the post about the women's basketball team winning?
    they won by over thirty points. and the game finished before this post was made, so there's no excuse!

  3. normal student  

    here's the obligatory "who cares"

  4. In the Know  

    By the way, there is no "tiebreaker" in the Ivy League - if Columbia and Cornell were to tie, regardless of the fact that Cornell won twice, they would still play a playoff game to determine the champions.

    • Says who?  

      In the fall the men's and women's Ivy League soccer champions were co-champs and the team that had won the head-to-head matchup was given the league's automatic bid. There's no playoff in soccer, why would there be one in basketball? In the past there has been a playoff in the case of ties where the teams have split the season series, but that wouldn't be the case here.

  5. Oh yeah  

    you're right. It was the Houston Comets that folded and it was a big deal b/c they were best franchise in the league.

  6. sweeeeeeeeeeet  

    yayayayay!GO LIONS

  7. If you  

    go to Ivy League Sports' website, there is a list of champions. It appears that there have been co-champs in the past (last time in 2002)

  8. Yes  

    Any time there is a tie the teams are co-champs, but only one of them gets the bid to the NCAA tournament (I believe the other, when it comes to basketball, gets an automatic bid to the NIT).

  9. Roar Lions Roar  

    I want nothing more than to fill in my March Madness Bracket with columbia pulling off a first round upset and then getting massacred by a top seed.

    That would complete my collegiate experience!

    Please demolish yale.

  10. alum

    I'm super excited for Columbia basketball now...

  11. Editor  

    You are correct. Columbia would need to win out and have Cornell lose twice to get into the NCAA tournament. Everything gets a lot more interesting if we lose one more and Cornell still loses 2 because then there could be a 3-4 team playoff.

    In the case where we end up at 3 losses with Cornell, they would get the NCAA autobid and we would get an NIT autobid.

  12. FUCK  

    We just got our asses kicked in the 2nd half. We built a 9 point lead then went cold and ended up losing by 7 to Yale.

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