QuickSpec: P. Vergilius Baro Edition

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  1. closet classicist  

    Pretty sure it's P. Vergilius Maro (not Baro). Unless Baro is a reference I'm not getting.

    Sad thing is I still remember that from Lit Hum.

  2. Jon  

    Sorry, folks -- bad Latin pun to blame.

    "Baro" basically means "fool," so this fake cognomen is riffing off the fact QuickSpec is an "Aeneid" parody. (Sort of like how Peter Schickele's character "P.D.Q. Bach" parodies the Bach family's naming conventions.)

  3. I sing...  

    Arma virumque cano, Troiae qui primus ab oris!

  4. ...  

    Italiam fato profugus Laviniaque venit!

  5. closet classicist redux  

    I underestimated you, Bwog. Maybe this is why I'm not actually a classicist. Kudos on the pun.

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