Tomo Rises From the Grave

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Good news for everyone feeling the dearth of sit-down Japanese:  Tomo, is set to defy death and open, as originally postulated, in Swish’s old spot at 2955 Broadway “in the next two weeks,” according to that lovably-unpronounceable foodie zeitgeist, the Zagat Survey.

The phones of both Tomo and Swish rang on ad infinitum, so Bwog can’t confirm, and, therefore, is trying not to get its hopes up.  Nevertheless, we can’t help but wonder, could there be light at the end of this culinary tunnel?

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  1. it's  

    ad infinitum, bwog.

  2. this makes me  

    very happy. so swish is gone forever? god, i hated that place.

  3. ...  

    so what's the story with haakon's hall? i don't see any work or lights on there anymore. did their loans get called?

  4. so now the question is  

    what will go in tomo's old place!?

  5. FIVE  

    GUYS!!!! or JAMBA JUICE!!!! or A STRIP CLUB!!!!!

  6. For better Japanese food:  

    Sun-chan! It's at Broadway and 104 and it's infinitely yummier and more authentic than Tomo.

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