This Week in Procrastination: Famous People

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Veritas is on campus this week; here’s your list of things to do.

 Image via Earth Institute


Sachs Lecture: Entitled “Promoting Global Understanding of Sustainable Development,” it’s really just an opportunity to hear the man speak for two hours.  4:00 PM @ Journalism Lecture Hall.

Affirmative Action: The CU Dems and Republicans face off.  8:00 PM @ Roone Cinema.


God and Morality: Eisenbach is back, this time with Dr. William Lane Craig from the Talbot School of Theology.  8:00 PM @ Roone Auditorium.


Stiglitz on Owning Science: Scientific, economic, and legal perspectives on the effect on global health of private ownereship.  6:30 PM @ Davis Aud, CEPSR.


CCSC Iron Chef: Teams of students battle it out in a competition to make the most college-friendly food.  5:00 PM @ Party Space.



  1. don't forget  

    don't forget that Matisyahu is coming Thursday

  2. and  

    Seth Flaxman, Jessie Leiken, Josh Bolotsky and several other Columbia alums will be here for the Civic Engagement Career Networking night

  3. it's...  

    the same god damn picture of Sachs every time.

  4. Sachs article

    Sachs also had an article in scientific american regarding the stimulus http://www.sciam.com/article.cfm?id=the-need-for-stable-policies

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