Veritas is on campus this week; here’s your list of things to do.

 Image via Earth Institute


Sachs Lecture: Entitled “Promoting Global Understanding of Sustainable Development,” it’s really just an opportunity to hear the man speak for two hours.  4:00 PM @ Journalism Lecture Hall.

Affirmative Action: The CU Dems and Republicans face off.  8:00 PM @ Roone Cinema.


God and Morality: Eisenbach is back, this time with Dr. William Lane Craig from the Talbot School of Theology.  8:00 PM @ Roone Auditorium.


Stiglitz on Owning Science: Scientific, economic, and legal perspectives on the effect on global health of private ownereship.  6:30 PM @ Davis Aud, CEPSR.


CCSC Iron Chef: Teams of students battle it out in a competition to make the most college-friendly food.  5:00 PM @ Party Space.