Latest Thing to Go Green: Protesting

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James Hansen spoke out against global warming twenty years ago. Now he’s raising a (peaceful) army. Hansen, head of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies and an adjunct professor at Columbia’s Earth and Environmental Sciences Department, has issued an invitation to “the largest mass civil disobedience for the climate in U.S. history.” On Monday, March 2, Capitol Climate Action will stage a non-violent demonstration at “Washington D.C.’s Capitol Power Plant.” The demand: stronger action on the climate crisis from the new president. 

The CCA’s website doesn’t give specifics, but it suggests participants carry at least $50 at all times. That’s the minimum cost to bail yourself out of jail for activist-related civil disobedience in our capital city.

Those who’d prefer not to demonstrate can attend the rally beforehand, or any one of the many events of Power Shift 09, the weekend-long youth climate conference preceding the march. Consider it the most civic-minded midterm-week study break you’ll ever see.

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  1. WOOHOO  


  2. hmm  

    Not to rain on their parade or anything, but what do they expect to accomplish? What are they going to do once they shut down the coal-fired power plant? It's not like there's a wind farm down the street just waiting to be plugged in.

    • different parades  

      PowerShift is a "weekend-long youth climate conference." They don't expect to accomplish anything besides learning, meeting new people, maybe generating some buzz.

      The civil disobedience doesn't plan to shut down the power plant, just to make a scene at it. It's unrelated to PowerShift except temporally.

      I see no rain.

      • don't forget  

        conference hookups! young people in town for a weekend and then never going to see each other again plus all that hot steamy environmental activism going on = tons and tons of conference sex

  3. only thing

    the only thing is its not always so peaceful..hansen testified in favor of and supported a group of individuals who vandalized a coal plant in england and has called for prosecution of energy company ceo's for high crimes against nature

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