Flex Flees Nussbaum

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It seems that Nussbaum will not be accepting your CUID as payment for breakfast this morning, so best go start looking for that 5-spot in your other jeans. 

According to the nice people behind the counter, this was not an act of Flex-deserting a la everywhere else, but a simple case of a broken machine.

Unfortunately, no information is available on when (or *gasp* whether) the machine will be fixed. 

Here’s to a quick recovery, Nussbaum Flex, and to daddy paying for that bagel.

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  1. ....

    it wasn't working at milano yesterday either. not that i care, but just an addition to the story.

  2. again  

    this is CUIT's fault. the system underlying flex needs to be changed. it's completely outdated. dozens of other schools have much better systems

  3. agreed  

    Chipotle had the same deal yesterday afternoon. Off-campus Flex is a joke. Everyone, the buyer and seller and especially the people waiting in line, hate it. I understand that every new system will have its issues but Flex is actually getting worse with time.

  4. the same  

    vendor, Blackboard, runs NYU CampusCash. why aren't there any problems down there?

  5. Ridiculous  

    Why does a simple transaction that takes ~3 seconds on a credit card take 30 or more on Flex? Why is it down for prolonged periods? If we want vendors to accept it, it should be ultra-reliable. Remember when HamDel took Flex? Now Westside is running away and the system is broken. Someone should be fired. Oh wait, this is Columbia - they'll be promoted instead.

  6. i wonder if this  

    whole flex dilemma is scary to aj...at least hell have another thing to complain about

  7. alsow  

    why does CU feel the need to charge vendors using flex more than credit card companies charge? What kind of incentive is that?

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