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Another Gates Scholarship for Columbia

Our heartiest congratulations to Emily Rose Jordan, CC ’09, on becoming the second Columbian in two days to win the Gates Cambridge Scholarship. Jordan, who is also a member of Phi Beta Kappa, will pursue a PhD in Experimental Psychology at Cambridge next year.

A Chicago native, Jordan studied psychology and anthropology (see, it is practical!) at Columbia and plans on becoming a professor of neuroscience. Her honor thesis project showed how “social enrichment can impact the brain and behavior of mice so that animals with enriched experiences exhibit more appropriate social behaviors.”

Jordan will be taking a step up in the rodent world next year, focusing on the development of impulsive behavior of rats, a species we at Columbia are far too acquainted with in a non-laboratory setting. Huzzah, Emily!  

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  • yay says:

    @yay for Emily! She works really, really hard, and definitely deserves this. Hurrah Caroline, hurrah Emily!

  • anthrophage says:

    @anthrophage I’m very happy for Emily, but how on Earth does this prove that anthropology is practical? May I suggest an edit:

    A Chicago native, Jordan studied psychology and anthropology at Columbia and managed to win the scholarship despite the latter.

  • .............. says:

    @.............. emily, congrats, you’re awesome and we’re all proud of you.

    on another note, why is it that people have to be total assholes when it comes to other people doing well. is this a columbia thing or just the result of anonymous posting? 1 and 2 are probably one asshole with an axe to grind. but, c’mon, air your distaste elsewhere rather than try to take someone down on a day they have every right to be extremely happy and proud of their accomplishments. also, this is a public arena – people’s family and friends see this board, and not necessarily with the knowledge that many people who get posted about get insulted in the comments. support your fellow columbians for god’s sake.

  • wow says:

    @wow that’s really awesome. both of them also went to my high school.

  • Yay! says:

    @Yay! Congrats Emily and Caroline! You really deserve this. All your friends are really proud of you. To the bitter underachievers commenting on Bwog- get a life.

  • Yay! says:

    @Yay! That’s so amazing! I’m so glad for Emily, I know how hard she works. You deserve it!

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