Look out, sea turtles: scores of purple balloons are dotting campus to advertise tonight’s Lunar Gala in Lerner.

The airway-obstructing rubber orbs, scattered about like eggs from Alien, are inviting the curiosity of students, and those balloons that have not been popped (preferred method: a quick thrust of a mechanical pencil tip) bear the insignia of “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop,” the theme selected by the Chinese Students Club for this year’s Gala. Dinner, starting at 6 p.m., costs $10 (for $15 you can be a V.I.P.), and the “professional dance crew” Rhythmology begins their show at 7.

Whether you’re planning on attending or not, at least stick your head out your window to watch all the purple bobbing on the (nearly) warm breeze.  Spring is coming, soon, we promise.