Bwog-rover James Downie hunkered down in the Satow Room to follow the latest CCSC meeting

The meeting began with a vote on cosponsorship requests: while most of the groups received their requested amounts, the Vagina Monologues did not get money for dildos for the audience (or maybe “dildoes for the audience”–Bwog and Demetri Martin aren’t sure).

CCSC President George Krebs then updated the councils about Flex. The Dining people are looking for more non-restaurant options, with a particular eye towards Duane Reade and Pinkberry. To make this work, though, Krebs said that the two venues have to know students are interested, “so everytime you go in, ask if they have Flex!” As for Westside’s chronologically-based rejection of Flex, no solution is yet available for the slowness of the system, and it looks like the hours will stay in place.

In other dining news, the Business school now accepts Dining Dollars again, because of lost business when it terminated the agreement. Again, the business school had a bad business plan. CC ’10 president A.J. Pascua also complained about the Fairway shuttle, saying that it didn’t stop close enough to Fairway, and that walking the distance in between at night was “scary.”

The councils’ alcohol plans after the jump.

Krebs began the discussion of alcohol policy with a rather rousing speech: “a lot of students are concerned about this, and see us as an organ to take it on, and we should do a good job.” After saying that the university is looking at the issue as a blight on “a purely academic institution,” Krebs admitted that at times “student council has laid down for the administration, but it’s time again for us to take the torch.”

CC 09 Prez Mark Johnson again stressed the clashing visions of the council and the administration, and class reps Brandon Shulman and Colin Felsman declared that they are working with the administration on a compromise. They expressed confidence “that there is a way to hold the event in an appropriate fashion without completely canceling it,” and promised the event would happen.

Krebs thanked them, and said that he wanted to pursue a more overarching policy that will affect all parts of campus social life. Noting that peer institutions like Harvard allow registered parties to go on as long as they don’t violate local laws, while Columbia places extra restrictions on those seeking to register, Krebs also suggested a mini-townhall on the “War on Fun,” to demonstrate to the administration the importance of the issue. Several council members took the chance to bring up more  specific complaints: one noted that the university currently pours out all the leftover alcohol, “which just seems like a waste,” while another noted that posters cannot explictly advertise alcohol. Yes, believe it or not, your president is a 1st Amendment scholar.

The meeting closed with an appeal from Krebs to publicize the elections filing deadline (this Friday, the 20th). For aspiring, yet procrastinating politicos, there’s one more info session as well, on Wednesday night in the SGO, so get crackin’!