Photo by Jon Hill

A Bwog tipster has sent in a report of dastardly doings in John Jay.

Last Monday, unsavory characters entered the 10th floor lounge and made off with an 8-by-10-foot flokati rug.  JJ10ers point out that “the carpet is extremely heavy,” making it difficult to move very far or very fast, and considering the rug looks like a prop from a Liberace TV special, it’s also rather conspicuous.

Though the freshmen congratulate the Carpet Caper mastermind on the fiendishly filched furry fabric, they also really want their rug back.

“We are not fucking around,” reads one wanted poster in the dorm.

This sounds serious, so please send any information regarding the rug or those holding it hostage to or or telephone (832)-366-4074 or (203)-285-4346.  If you fear the wrath of 2012, you can also email; we don’t bite.

Photo by Jon Hill