You may recall that the students at the New School staged an awesome building takeover last December (building takeovers are just so hip and new, aren’t they?). Along with a no-confidence vote from the faculty, the takeover reflected deep dissatisfaction with the administration, and particularly the school’s president, former Nebraska Senator Bob Kerrey.  But two months after the original protests, little has changed: according to the New York Times, Kerrey remains unpopular, yet his supporters on the board of trustees refuse to impeach him.

And the building takeovers may not be finished, as at least one New School student representative has decided that the solution to the problem was to have the students out-cool Columbia for ever. In a faculty meeting this past Monday, she said that if Kerrey has not resigned by April 1st,  the students would take over and shut down the entire university. “We will bring it to a halt,” she said, as the tenured teachers gasped and dramatic music played.

Ok, there was probably no music.  Retired building take-over-ers like this school would probably advise them to use Washington Sq. Park for hippie songs about redemption. Otherwise, the “takeover” looks like kids who forgot class was done.