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Smell of Hope Not Included

–  Image by Joe Schumacher

Want to sightsee, but worried about finishing that paper on time? Why not visit an alley?

Well, more specifically, the alley where Barack Obama spent his first night in New York, as he mentioned in Dreams from My Father. Arriving at his new apartment only to find no one to let him in, Obama enjoyed the alley’s fine hospitality, and in the morning availed himself of the local shower (a.k.a the hydrant).

And it’s not hard to access – Gothamist tipped us off yesterday to a Harlem blogger’s fine photos of the locale. You can also check out his photos of Obama’s various former residences on West 109th, East 94th, and West 114th Streets. Hurry, before they’re commercialized!

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  • what animal says:

    @what animal would frequently come out at night at this location?

    an alley-gator!

  • darn says:

    @darn the punster is back

  • duder says:

    @duder he lived right next to River!

  • Nooo!!! says:

    @Nooo!!! All hope is lost, Bwog. Hermione is going to Yale.

    1. no no no says:

      @no no no she got INTO yale, yes, but hasn’t decided yet. There’s still hope!

  • pleaseee says:

    @pleaseee make her come to columbia. she’s so hottt

    1. eww says:

      @eww no she isn’t.

      1. Is this Ron? says:

        @Is this Ron? Or (gasp) a Slytherin? Yes. She. Is.

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