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Before many of us have taken our first midterm, SSOL throws us yet another curveball: finals schedules are up!

You can now peruse your exam schedule online and start making plans for a quick escape from Morningside Heights into summer vacation. Finals go from May 8 to May 15. Although the weather may make you feel like nothing could be farther away, its never too early to start studying. To Butler!

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  1. really?  

    mine aren't up yet

  2. only  

    one of mine is up. boo.

  3. hmmm  

    well i'm displeased with my schedule but pleased that columbia's finally got it's shit together and is putting these up earlier this semester for those of us who have to book flights

  4. ummm  

    is no one aware that almost all finals follow the "projected examination schedule" that's always available on SSOL? especially for those of us who need to book plane tickets, it's super helpful

  5. none  

    of mine are up...

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