SVU on Broadway!

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 – Photo by JCD

No, the crime franchise isn’t adding a musical (although it now has a UK spinoff). Rather, trailers for Law & Order SVU are outside Milano Market right now! Although neither Milano nor any of the other establishments along the block are closed for filming, fear not: parking notices indicate that the trailers will be there until 10 p.m. 

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  1. alum

    they were filming at bank street college today - they made the front into "mercy hospital" and they were filming in the library all day.

  2. SVU!!  

    I saw Christopher Meloni on Amsterdam last fall. He looked at my boyfriend and me and we looked back at him, and we all knew. It was heaven.

  3. human  

    i was at the hungarian pastry shop and some fat actor from the show (i do not watch so i don't know who) was flirting with some barnard girl. his pick up line:

    hi i'm from law and order svu. you have a nice smile.

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