QuickFed: The Overconfidence Issue

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  1. holy crap  

    that wasn't even kind of funny.

    Like really really not funny

  2. you're probably a jerk  

    cause I read through the paper and I laughed out loud a number of times.
    That's a success for a comedy paper, in my book.

  3. 95%  

    of this campus thinks that the fed sucks.

    the other 5% works for the fed/ is affiliated with a member of its staff.

    i'm a senior, and i know that the fed's always had a bad rep. Not only has it garnered a reputation for being racist (and rightly so), but it's pretentious and chock full of terrible writing. Perhaps most importantly, it is also NOT FUNNY. Read the jester or blue and white for true entertainment.

  4. hah!  

    I don't usually laugh when I read satire, but I thought this was pretty damn funny. Bravo Fed.

  5. 49%  

    of people voted for George Bush in 2000.

  6. Bandie  

    Awkwardly sexually active is pretty accurate.

    But I guess that applies to everyone at this school.

    Lay off the Fed kids about the racist thing. You and I were in high school during that controversy, and everyone who was involved with the Fed in 2004 has either graduated or died by now. It's tough enough being a horny JTS kid without unwarranted accusations of racism.

  7. secretadmirer

    Oh Jon Jager, I love you.

  8. Alas

    The only two JTS/CUMB people were studying Talmud when the above was written.

  9. wtf

    As someone who is not a feddie or affiliated with a feddie, I definitely have to give a big "fuck you" to 95%. Sure the Fed may have had a "bad rep" but give congratulations where it is deserved. They have completely turned themselves around in the past couple of years. They're getting funnier each issue (though I liked Feb's issue better than this one, sorry guys) and people are actually enjoying them. I see people reading the Fed in Furnald lounge all the time (or at least for a few days around when it comes out).

    Cut the guys some slack. They're doing excellently. Hats off to you gentlemen (and women).

  10. woo.  

    I agree. I clicked, I read, I laughed. Good job.

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