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Bwog Rectangular Object Specialist Anish Bramhandkar made a shocking discovery earlier today: the TV in the Empti Lounge has disappeared.

The nefarious TV bandit left the cords dangling, remarkably similar to the hasty dismantlement of Empti’s former froyo titan. Perhaps this thief is also responsible for the rushed disappearance of Columbia’s endowment

UPDATE (4:56 PM): Housing and Dining emails Bwog to say that “actually, the TV was not stolen, but we removed it because the screen was cracked. We are working to get a replacement television in there as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

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  1. ...

    maybe it's a repo-man

  2. How do we know  

    it was a thief? maybe CU just sold it. In this economy, you gotta do something to keep from going under...

    I bet they sell Shapiro next. Crap housing anyway.

  3. ...

    nah, they would have sold the cords too.

  4. copy editor  


  5. Jaded  

    post #2 was lame on every possible level. no wit whatsoever.

  6. tvcart  

    is screaming.
    (The blue eyes and the wide open mouth.)

  7. So wait,  

    They are working on getting a replacement TV, but they can't get a replacement tenant.

  8. ...  

    i think it should become "THE CORNER: Presented by National Review"

    the yogurt machines could be replaced by a sour grape bar and a wailin' palin turkey slaughter station.

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