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Jonesing for a good Gaza protest? About 20 members of the Columbia Palestine Forum are out on Low Steps for several hours today, calling for divestment from Israel and other non-contentious ideas. Those looking for more background can check out the LectureHop of last night’s teach-in.

If nothing else, they’d appreciate the audience – when Bwog stopped by, listener numbers were rather low (and included at least several Hillel board members, who probably were not there in support). 


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  1. Surfin' UWS  

    We sure do love our meaningless protests, don't we Johnny?

    • Surf Wise  

      Yup, 1,072 Israelis and at least 6,348 Palestinians killed since September 29, 2000 and 8,864 Israelis and 39,019 Palestinians injured since September 29, 2000 sure is meaningless!

      • yep  

        Until you get into the genocide numbers, it's still pretty meaningless. Go support the 3rd world countries that are fighting each other, not the 1st/2nd world ones.

      • Surfin' UWS  

        Boy, waving a piece of construction paper around for 30 minutes while discussing your midterms sure changes all of that doesn't. God you're relevant.

        Pat yourself on the back there, partner!

  2. EAL  

    I love how so many idiots at this school think that waving a cardboard sign for a bit in a university quad is going to change the policies of a government thousands of miles away.

    Go back to work, children.

    • Agreed  

      Also, I'd just like to point out that I disagree with both sides of this debate: contrary to the LionPAC flyers, divestment IS a game. It doesn't accomplish jack shit, nor is it appropriate in the case of Israel. If you really want to change the way a traded investment entity behaves, you buy more of it and use your leverage, not the other way around!

      • Shut Up

        Why are you telling them what their weakness is. I'm glad that all of these lefties are content to have their "teach-ins" and "speak-outs" and that they don't actually engage in any meaningful advocacy.
        For them, "action" is when you take over buildings or riot in the streets. In my opinion though, the subsequent police beatdowns make it almost worth it to tolerate that kind of behavior.
        So hippies, forget about what he said, you're doing it right right now. If you put your mind to it, and get enough of your clove smoking friends to sign your petition, you really can change the world!!!

    • So wait  

      Before I speak out against deliberate mass slaughter, I have to rise to the top of your twisted and bankrupt (literally!) power structures? No thank you. We'll start in the university quad, then move to central park, then Times Square, then Washington Mall. It has to stop somewhere, and we're beginning the task now.

      Word to the wise, sir--you're caught up running after material goodies on the stock market, while I am worried about life-and-death issues in the Holy Land, and you tell ME that I"M a child? I don't buy it., and if you think your investment brokerage firms will give you the fulfillment you seek, you will experience a rude awakening.

      • serious question

        are you being sarcastic or serious?

      • lol  

        Hey everybody, Che is back! Hi Che! Che doesn't like it if you are interested in the Financial Markets. Che doesn't think having lots of money, wealth and a Politician's ear can put you in a position to influence policy. Che wants to talk about ethics and ethical companies while smoking products made by the tobacco industry. Che thinks anybody who disagrees with the notion that the only way to accomplish change is by protesting in Central Park, must be a greedy capitalist pig who works on Wall Street, which of course you know, is the most dishonest of all professions (unlike Che's journalism career of course - journalism is the paragon of virtue).

        So everybody, get your megaphones out, your tight jeans, your cigarettes, your condescension - iiiiitttts CHE!

  3. chubby chubs  

    if you look close enough in the picture and you see those 3 guys sitting in front of alma, i'm the guy on the far left =)

  4. No,

    fulfillment can only come via inde rock and ethnic studies, all of which is paid for by my parents.
    You've enlightened me! Being a productive member of society is so lame. Instead i'm going to become a professor of comparative literature and get tenure from a University like Columbia, which is funded by the same Wall Street fatcats that my academic career is based on decrying!

    • The word Hypocrisy  

      Ah yes, of course. Damn the wallstreet fatcats and corperate America! You all suck from behind my Ivy League gates. Pfft.

      That's like bitching about consumerism in line at a Wal-Mart with McDonald french fries and Nikes.

      STFU already and get some damn perspective. THIS wasn't productive. THIS wasn't useful. This changed absolutely jack- other than masturbating your ego and allowing you to continue to walk around with a stick up your ass and an air of delusion around you.

      Thanks for playing. Now get a damn clue.

      • BTW  

        Some of us will be returning to very difficult parts of the world after college. Not all of us are traipsing off to roll in the dough and get a hot wife.

        When I go to those places, the worries of college appear quite trivial.

    • odd...  

      That a profession in academia is not a productive member of society. Essentially, a professor is offering two services: that of research (which is more insulated to the academy), and that of education. It may not meet the standards of productivity that, say, financial services or engineering may have, but it does offer a service to a niche of society. It could be said that ministers/preachers/priests, specialized lawyers, etc. do the same: offer a highly specialized service to a small portion of the population.

    • how...  

      is ethnic studies unproductive?

      • well

        How about... it adds little meaningful value (economic or information) to the world.

        Wow. People of different ethnic backgrounds see the world differently and behave accordingly? Genius! Who would have thought...

        Theoretically, the best course in ethnic studies would be to walk Roosevelt Avenue in Queens. It would probably have more value than anything taught in a classroom. In the same way that you learn more Italian living in Florence than sitting in a Berlitz classroom.

        Actually - to amend the first paragraph - if ethnic studies does provide any productivity to the world, is that it helps *evil* corporations market their *evil* commercial products to various ethnic communities better.

        It sure doesn't provide world peace.

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