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On the night of the filing deadline, Sue Yang’s “Action Potential Party” has announced their ticket. The other nominees:

  • VP for Policy: Sarah Weiss, CC ’10, head of Columbia Urban Experience, former Hillel board member, and a member of the search committee that selected Michele Moody-Adams
  • VP for Communications: Sana Khalid, SGB rep, Intergroup Chair in Ahimsa, Project Health Mentor, MSA Events Coordinator, CC ’11
  • VP for Funding: Nuriel Moghavem, CC ’11, CIRCA treasurer, COHOP coordinator, ABC rep-at-large
  • VP for Campus Life: Deysy Ordonez,  CC ’10, President of Sabor, Treasurer of Student Organization of Latinos, and Secretary of Organization of Pakistani Students, and treasurer of CU Bellydance

As for the laptop in the middle – that’s Weiss by webcam, as she’s in Ecuador this semester. Let’s just hope this action potential has no refractory period.

UPDATE (9:53 PM): Yang’s ticket is running unopposed, as is Learned Foote’s ticket for 2011 class council. Of the council races, A.J. Pascua will run against Cliff Massey (the rumored Molina-Clark ticket did not materialize), while two new tickets will duke it out for 2012 rep: Access Columbia (Aki Terasaki for president, Sarah Chai for vice-president, and Jasmine Senior, Kenny Durell, and Brandon Christophe for class rep) and the Papageorge Party (Anthony Arias for president, Theo Papageorge for vice president, and Jiwoo Lee and Evan Johnston for class reps). A full list of all the candidates will be released later tonight.

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  1. sana's lover  

    sana is such a doll! she's absolutely amazing and wonderfully dedicated.

  2. owais rasool  


  3. CCSC  

    this team is AMAZING!! The only one I don't know is VP Campus life, but everyone else is EXTREMELY Competent and committed, way to go!

  4. Action Potential Party

    Sounds like a freshman SEAS ticket.

  5. bwog!  

    what about the other people who filed? where's their info? not everything is the e-board ticket!

  6. ...  

    refRactory period!

  7. Sue Shu Yang  


  8. despite the misspelling  

    the neuroscience joke made me smile.

  9. yayyy  

    go cliff go cliff!!!

  10. what's wrong  

    with people trying to pad their resumes? For some people, they have other goals for which they need to be involved in a lot of things. You shouldn't hate someone just because they are trying to improve their resume.

    Its not like resume padders don't care about their school or that people that really care about the school don't want to improve their resume...

  11. xc08  

    Here's a thought Kenny, focus on your running and you wouldn't suck so bad

  12. progress  

    de-stress, undress, vote access!

    AKITO= hero, maestro, pharaoh

    no veto, only tempo!

  13. I really  

    don't understand who actually votes for AJ. Besides the posse of asian girls that follow him around everywhere, it seems like nobody actually likes him. Cliff on the other hand, has supporters from across the spectrum.

  14. sarah  

    weiss is one of the most amazing people i've met at columbia. hooray.

  15. I'm sorry  

    AJ has been class president for the past 2 years, Cliff has no class council experience so it's pretty obvious why he is running and there's no point in having him as president when we have AJ, an experienced president, is running again who knows what the eff he is doing. Senior events are the most important, why trust someone who is going to have a severe learning curve???

  16. Yeah  

    Go AJ not Cliff woooooooooooo

  17. with all due respect

    AJ w/out Sue...can't imagine that he'd get much more done than Cliff would -- which is basically to say that in my mind, they're equal.

    The AP ticket sounds pretty phenomenal. Sue is incredible. I'm pretty sure any "resume padding" pay-off one gets from class/school council is NOT commensurate to the time, energy, and non-work work you end up doing...

  18. learning curve  

    cliff would have none. he's crazy involved as it is and is one of the best ABC board members that there are.

  19. cliff  

    is so much more genuine than AJ. AJ gives off thsi air of self-importance

  20. Senior

    Wait, they are running unopposed for CCSC? Do I understand that correctly?

    So basically the College as a whole is just acknowledging that student council is a total joke by not even bothering to field more than one ticket? There's not even a choice? I mean, I get it when people run unopposed for one of the minor races, but for student body president to not even attract more than one candidate...that's just sad.

  21. Cliff  

    is the rare individual that you actually WANT running things.

    Go Cliff!!!

  22. the problem  

    with an ABC-heavy class and school council is that ABC people, as motivated as they are, have been forced to work with and around SDA & Robert Taylor. Unfortunately, for the long-term happiness of Columbia students and to end the war on fun, ultimately Taylor and his style of management have just got to go. You need people who will stand up to the guy and not be afraid to tell Kev-Sho that he does not deserve to be in his position.

  23. Haha

    AJ is a self-centered incompetent prick. GO CLIFF!!

  24. 2010  

    cliff is the obvious choice...don't screw this up juniors!

  25. ...  

    sue's ticket has one ABC person on it and one SGB person on it. not really "abc-heavy."

  26. Vote for Cliff  

    Cliff gets things done.

  27. OMG  

    Juniors DO NOT reelect AJ, he is a disgrace to CC

  28. Black Columbian  


  29. AJ is  

    a good guy, and he really does a lot for his class council. Having worked with him, I find him to be an overall genuine, caring, and smart guy. I don't know what he did to all of the negative bloggers here, but I think AJ is great.

    As for Cliff, am I the only one who thinks that this guy is a douche? Granted I've only met him twice, but talk about self-important...

  30. ugh  

    im really not down for learned foote again.

  31. Puppet

    Cliff has a lot of experience. He was in the campus life committee which organizes all of the CCSC events so he knows a thing or two about event planning. And he is involved in ABC.

    AJ is a nice guy but he has been nothing more than a pretty puppet for Sue the last two years. It will be a disaster to have him running the class council alone. He needs somebody to pull his strings along.

    Cliff is the man for the job.

  32. cliff massey?

    on what planet is this person cool?

    i've never met a more insensitive, unsensible personality.

  33. YAY!!  

    Sarah Weiss is the absolute best!!! I might actually read an email next year from ccsc...probably not...but might.

  34. um....  

    when will the rest of the candidates be announced??

  35. I hate Sue Yang

    What a total bitch. Enjoy your CCSC council guys.

  36. CCSC 09  

    Sue Yang is the most competant person that will be left on council. Hands down.

    Nuriel has only been on ABC for a semester, he's been in CIRCA for two years and COOP since orientation. Those are two organizations that cover a lot of ground on this campus and don't require bending to the whims of admins.

  37. want to know  

    when will the other candidates be announced????????????? the elections website hasn't been updated either, wth!

  38. Cliff is the man  

    AJ and sue yang are both wall st. bound pricks...

  39. Yay  

    Action potential party is amazing. I cant think of a better group of people to be on student council. Yay!

  40. hold on one sec  

    ...we should be focusing more on how cool sana is!

  41. 2010

    sue and cliff both work really hard and have genuine interest in the columbia community.

    i have worked with learned, sue, aj and cliff many, many times. learned is a jerk, takes himself far too seriously and seems eternally self-conflicted.

    sue works incredibly hard with almost no recognition of that work, while aj takes the credit. aj is a nice person, but he's a horrible leader, and without sue, would have crashed and burned almost instantly.

    cliff is also a hard worker, has genuine interest in columbia and i think of all of them seems the least interest in resume padding.

    i'm just happy to be 2010 and to not have to deal with the foote.

  42. AJ Pascua  

    is a tool. He's like the Alidad Damooei of his year. Don't vote for him.

  43. ahaha  

    the papageorge party should win

  44. dear god  

    the papageorge party would be a disaster.

    perpetually stoned '12s?

  45. deysy ordonez...

    is the SHIT! gooo deysy!!!!

  46. Cllff  

    will win
    deserves to win
    will get shit done.
    hands down.

  47. Cliff  

    sleeps around and doesn't know how to get things done. while AJ is wonderful and the nicest person ever.

  48. Whatever you do...  

    ...don't vote for AJ. I'd rather see W Bush get elected before that prick.

  49. won't vote  

    because that would dignify ccsc ... but seriously why the vitrolent hatred for aj? he cannot possibly have wronged all of you and really, everyone at this school is a resume-padder who cares if somebody's vehicle for it is ccsc? I can think of much worse

  50. there is nothing  

    so great as sarah weiss

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