James Franco Branches Out

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Fresh from signing a book deal, Columbia’s most famous Butler denizen seems to have found another unharnessed niche–men’s loungewear.  A commenter’s tip sent Bwog skipping down to the corner of 111th and Broadway, where a vendor has been (and still is) offering these gems. And since they’re being offered by a street vendor, you know they’re legit.

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  1. now  

    you will know what it is like to walk a day in his shoes.

  2. just  

    a beautiful day.

  3. how about jamba juice?  

    let's replace the "Tasti" chemical soup with real food:

  4. Those

    Are just a cheap rip-off of my Jimes Frunco-brand designer slippers. I hate chinatown

  5. Hm..  

    I used to work at a shoe store. These things have been around for years.

  6. wearing clogs with franco  

    i want to go to there.

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